AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer Review

AR blue clean 383 reviewAre you looking for a new pressure washer that comes with up-to-date features? In this AR blue clean AR383 review, we talk about the currently trending pressure washer that is enjoying much praise and appreciation from users all around the world. In this review, we are dedicated to talking about everything that is worth knowing about this product. We will highlight all product specifications and jump into product details such as features, performance, and design as well. No product comes without a set of pros and cons and this is why we have made sure to include it too along with a final verdict from us, based on customer reviews and usage experience.

The first thing that you will instantly notice about the AR383 pressure washer is that it does not look like a power washer at all. In fact, people usually end up confusing it with a vacuum cleaner because of similar looks. Do not let the design fool you because it is actually one of the best quality pressure washers that are available these days in markets. Ranked amongst the top 10 pressure washers, this product is definitely worthy talking about in-depth and this is exactly what we intend to do in this review ahead.

Product Specifications

  • The blue clean AR383 pressure washer comes in a traditional design that is not much overwhelming for new customers
  • It is equipped with a 1.5 HP motor with around 13 amp power
  • A tri-axial 1900 PSI pump is installed within the machine
  • It comes with a height adjustable storage pipe hose that is around 20 inches in length and is extendable manually
  • A quickly detachable spray gun is attached to the mouth opening of the hose pipe
  • 2 high built-in pressure lances come along the pressure washer
  • An additional 35 inches detachable auto cord is included with the washer machine
  • Comes with 1 year of fair usage warranty

Features and Design

This AR383 blue clean power washer has been designed to accommodate the varying household cleaning needs of users. The lightweight and compact design make the machine supremely portable. This makes it easily usable by all family members as and when needed. It comes pre-assembled which is very time, energy and frustration saving! At a very moderate cost, you get a great power washer that comes with a yearlong warranty.

The motor is high power 1.5 HP automated that comes with the power of around 11 amps. The powerful motor gives the machine supreme strength to carry out heavy cleaning tasks very seamlessly. Along with a high power, motor and extendable cord varying from 20 to 32 inches is a high-pressure spray that comes with the machine. This spray is attached to the tip opening of the hose for efficient cleaning. Along with a high-pressure spray that is detachable, you will also get different varying sized nozzles that can be attached to the hose pipe and makes it easier to carry out cleaning tasks more smoothly.

The one great thing that is visibly notable about this AR pressure washer is that it is made up of extremely high quality material combinations. It has aluminum, cast iron, and high quality durable plastic embedded in its body. The good use of high quality materials is that it promises longer durability and reliability of the product. High quality materials promise the product to last for a longer period of time and are also an assurance that your investment is going into a worthy product. It looks traditional but has surely been accustomed to the latest technology to perform as brilliantly as one expects it to.

Considered one of the top rated electric pressure washers; this household cleaning equipment is around to impress! There are many highlight benefits for bringing this petite but wonderfully helpful beauty home.

  • Dubbed the best pressure washer around, this power washer comes with a superlatively powerful and strong HP motor. This provides added strength and boosts in power for the users.
  • It comes in a traditional design which makes the functionality and use of this power washer relatively easier for the customers.
  • There is no assembly required for the power washer. For customer convenience, it has been made pre-assembled and only requires installation that can be done in 2-3 easy steps. There is a complete user manual to help.
  • The power washer comes with multiple attachment options. This makes it increasingly versatile to use.
  • Lightweight body and simplistic design make it very compact and portable. This makes it easy-to-handle for all users; men, women and children alike.
  • This best rated pressure washer delivers as far as functionality is concerned but fails to deliver when we talk about how considerate it is for the user’s comfort. The powerful engine results in a very loud noise being produced which is rather discomforting and irritating.
  • The cords are made of durable plastic. The drawback is that the plastic cords tend to get tangled after every use. This is a little frustrating for customers.
Despite being regarded as a top electric pressure washer; this AR383 washer has its fair share of letdowns as well. However, one thing is safe to be said that no cons associated with the product are enough to make the product overall disappointing.

Final Verdict of AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer Review

The detailed AR blue clean AR383 pressure washer review makes many things very clear about this product. The first thing that is a must is functionality and this AR washer surely delivers in terms of performance. The machine has been built to be a power-pro at what it is meant to do. Following closely with the performance is the product quality which is much promising as well. The product offers great durability owing to its supremely high quality materials used for composition. This power washer comes with a 1 year warranty and has everything that people need to look for in a worthy pressure washer. It surely gets a thumb up from us!