Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer Review

Karchar-K3-Follow-me-ReviewThere are many doubts and reservations that people have when investing in a new product i.e. appliance or equipment to take into their home. Pressure washers are the ‘it’ thing of the modern era. People have become excessively dependent on pressure washers because of the supreme ease and convenience that it brings to one’s life. However, this does not mean that buying an electric pressure cleaner is an easy task. People often confuse the size of the machine to be a determinant of its functionality and efficiency.

In this Karcher K3 pressure washer review, we talk about the one modern looking best pressure washer that has changed how people look at everyday cleaning. With this machine, you will no longer believe that bigger is better and it isn’t, really! This power washer by Karcher is petite and compact. If you were to judge a machine by its looks then this machine would surely not be even an option for you. But is it really the case? Not all! This Karcher power pressure washer is designed to be supremely powerful and efficient. The smaller size makes it only even more user-friendly and convenient to use. It is the most comprehensive and complete cleaning solution for all residential users. Read on to find out more about this superlative product.

Product Specifications

  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • Easy to carry around
  • Pre-installed; does not require a lot of assembly time
  • Comes with complete user manual for comprehensive instructions
  • All accessories come along with the machine
  • Attached wheels makes transportation of the machine much easier
  • Modest dimensions of around 12 by 12 by 13
  • Modern and chic design
  • High-pressure power to the pump of around 180 amps per circuit
  • Cleaning detergent tank attached to the machine

Features and Design

When choosing a power washer to take home, it is very important that you pay special attention to the design and functionality of the machine. However, if you get a power pressure washer machine that looks perfect and works superbly as well – there can really be nothing better!

The first thing that instantly strikes about the best Karcher pressure washer is that it is surprisingly small in size. This should not, however, mislead you because, despite a petite size, it is super powerful in its performance. There are a 35 feet power cord and over 15 feet hose cord that are attached to the machine. The powerful high impact motor is capable of working up at least 180 amp of circuit power. This works amazingly well to clean even the most uneven and rough patches. Moreover, there is a removable detergent tank that is attached to the machine. The highlight feature of this follow-me electric power washer is that it comes with wheels attached. This is a relatively new feature for a power pressure washer and makes movement easier for the machine. The whole idea is to make the entire user experience seamless, easy, smooth and convenient. All in all, this machine delivers and is very reasonably priced as well.

Karcher pressure washer K3 is all that one could dream of and more. It looks great and unique and functions like a professional expert on its utmost best. Understandably, there is a whole list of benefits that are associated with this amazing product. Let’s take look at the most prominent pros!

  • It has a unique design. It looks compact and petite which is very different in comparison to other electric pressure washers that are usually very heavyweight and gigantic in size.
  • Lightweight body makes it supremely easy to use. Even your child can use it to clean the porch or driveway – it isn’t something that will bother you too much!
  • The creative and inventive attached 4 wheel design is a complete bliss. Usually, pressure washers do not come with a wheel support. However, the Karcher K3 pressure washer promises convenience for the customers and so it delivers.
  • The inbuilt pump is 100% corrosion-free. This prevents it from making too much noise. The pump is rather much quiet and peaceful in its functionality.
  • A potentially powerful motor works supremely well to facilitate everyday house cleaning tasks very effectively.
  • The hose cord of the machine is not exactly flexible. Hence, a big problem for the storage of the cord can be space. The cord does not actually fit well into place. Therefore, the storage of the pressure washer can be problematic if you do not have a large enough storage space inside your home.
  • The hose though is not very flexible but is not very long as well. It measures up to be around only 15 feet which are not the best you can get. There are other best pressure washer out there that come with a hose sized up to 35 or 40 feet; insane!

Final Verdict for Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer Review

All in all, this pressure washer power machine is simply the best thing you can get your hands on off lately. It comes in a supremely attractive design; looks modern but works with a gigantic power push! It is easier to use and this convenience makes it more popular among-st the masses. People find it user-friendly and easier to use on daily basis. Moreover, the machine is so minimalist in design you do not have to worry about it tripping or overheating. The power pump comes with a decent enough flow rates, which handles all cleaning tasks like a pro! In addition to great functionality, effective performance and superb looks – it is very moderately priced as well! This machine is definitely going to enjoy a good spot on the top position for a long period of time!