Simpson Cleaning Alk4033 Pressure Washer Review

SIMPSON ALK4033 review

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This simpson alk4033 review is reviewed briefly with proper research and honest benchmarks.

Pressures washers are a necessity of the present day and time. They are just as efficient and useful on the residential basis as they are on commercial setups. They promise seamless cleaning with professional results. The Simpson is a big brand name in this regard that offers high quality products for the users to indulge in. In this review, we are dedicated to talking about the Simpson ALK4033 pressure washer in depth.

Highlight features of SIMPSON Cleaning ALK4033 pressure washer

The Simpson cleaning ALK4022 pressure washer comes with several distinctive features that make this product a prominent and preferred choice for the users. The promising features that are associated with this best pressure washer will offer you an insight into the functionality and superlative performance of this product.

  • Modern design

The design of this pressure washer attracts the users at first sight. It is much unique in its looks.

  • Built

The structure of this machine is made of supreme aluminum and stainless steel material combination. It is very light in weight and average in size.

  • Cord length

The cord length of this machine is massive and measures up at 50 feet. This is the widest cord that you can get out there.

  • Maneuverable spray gun

The spray gun of is varying in length and the spray gun comes with replaceable nozzles as well.

  • The built in this pressure washer is very attractive and modern.
  • The unique looks come along with a powerful OHV business engine that works with a superlative CH395 power.
  • The motor engine is powered by Kohler.
  • The pump of this pressure washer is inbuilt and is boosted with the CAT triplex industrial technology.
  • The cord length is mighty at 50 feet. This is practically the biggest cord length you can find in the market out there.
  • In addition to long cord length, the tip of the cord comes with a spray nozzle.
  • The nozzle comes in 5 different sizes and is bendable at 5 different angles as well.
  • The exterior body of this Simpson pressure washer comes with aluminum and stainless steel durable coating.
  • The wheels of this pressure washer are 13 inches.
  • This product is a little overpriced. People find its high price to be a serious letdown
  • The pressure of the motor only works to a certain extent which means beyond or less that specific pressure point; using this pressure washer would become a serious problem.
Final Verdict

With a professional design, the Simpson ALK4033 comes with a strong performance and reliable built. This pressure washer with a supreme 3.3 GPM motor pressure is a great product to invest in. Though the price of this pressure washer is a little expensive and some people might have their reservations about buying this machine. However, if you take its overall features into consideration you will surely notice that this product is worthy because it is durable and functional in the long-run. So if you are planning to buy this beauty; you can be assured of making a good choice.