Simpson Cleaning Mb1223 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Simpson Mini Brute MB1223 ReviewThis Simpson cleaning mb1223 review is reviewed briefly with proper research and honest benchmarks.

With so many options available these days in the markets, buying any product particularly for everyday household use is not an easy thing to do. Consider buying a pressure washer. It might sound simple. After all, you are only looking for the best pressure washer vailable out there and how hard could it be to choose one, right? Well, it is not that easy. The first problem that you will end up facing is to choose between an electric and gas pressure washer. If you have no prior experience in purchasing top pressure washers – it will definitely be a difficult choice to make.

We make the choice easier for you in this pressure washer review. A worthy washer to invest in is definitely the Simpson mini brute. This machine is sturdy, heavy and is designed to perform. What else could you possibly want? If you are impressed so far with the product, we advise you to read on to find out all the highlight features, pros, and cons about this machine and decide on your own at the end. We agree that the web these days is flooded with Simpson MB1223 pressure washer reviews but we urge you to give this one a read because it truly is worthy of your time. There is not even a single detail that we have missed out!

Product Specifications

  • Gigantic sized machine body
  • Manually adjustable temperature
  • Automated switch for on and off
  • Heavy-duty high-performance motor
  • Supremely powerful triplex pump
  • 50 inches industrial sized blades dual covered with rubber hose
  • Large fuel tank that comes with additional fuel space
  • Motor works up to 15 amp per circuit turn

Features and design

Simpson has managed to convince a majority of customers to shift to electric power washers with its latest product – the PSI 1200 MB1223 best simpson pressure washer. This pressure washer is truly worthy and deserving of all the praise it has been gathering ever since the release in global tech markets last year. This product is bliss for homeowners and works just as amazingly for commercial users as well.

The first highlight feature of this machine is the steam pressure and water flow tank that has been installed in combination with each other. This robust combination produces steam vapors that instantly deal with all stubborn stains and dirt patches. A very reasonable 1200 PSI pressure is providing to the machine through the steam pressure. It is an electrical pressure washer that comes with additional fuel support as well. This acts as a backup support for the machine. Hence, you can fuel your machine with petrol or diesel as and when needed.

This power washer is truly powerful and superlative in performance. Half the credit for the amazing functionality of the pressure washer can be given to the triplex plunger pump that works at remarkable speed to power the washer. The pump is an inbuilt electrical ignition engine and works on the same laws of physics. This machine is a completely blissful experience, particularly for residential users. It comes with the supremely interactive body and one-push control functions. These functions make it user-friendly and easy to use as well.

The first thing that most people notice about this machine is its size. In addition to the large size, this machine runs on electrical power and comes with a fuel tank as backup support – there is a general misconception that the machine would heat up a lot and trip. The good news is that this power washer comes with inbuilt temperature regulators. This is a very intelligent move by the manufacturers because it prevents the power pressure washer from heating up and repeatedly switching on or off on its own. The adjustable 25 inches hose cord is an additional plus point for the machine as well.

  • High quality pumps are the first benefit that makes this electric pressure washer truly amazing. The high-pressure pumps are capable of cleaning everything possibly imaginable.
  • The high quality composition of the machine promises longer durability. This is another plus point that is not possible to be overlooked.
  • Heavy-duty power motor makes the machine work like a giant – the most you can ask for! It does residential and commercial cleaning seamlessly.
  • The first letdown of this brute mini is that it is too heavyweight and gigantic in size. This, of course, makes it more powerful in its performance but also decreases its portability by a huge margin.
  • This machine is clearly overpriced. The justification that the manufacturers offer for the high price is that the materials and functionality of the power washer are worth it. Whilst the functionality is definitely supreme but it still is expensive than what most people would like to pay for it.

Final Verdict of Simpson Cleaning Mb1223 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Speaking from a personal perspective, this Simpson electric pressure washer is one of the best additions you can make to your home. It looks great, it works great and supreme quality formation of the product promises a great long life as well. There is nothing more you could possibly ask for from a power washer. It definitely falls under the category of strongly recommended pressure washers in 2019. It is tuned to be powerful. Some people do get a little overwhelmed by the gigantic size of the machine. However, it is strongly urged that people see the glass half full instead of seeing it half empty. As far as the performance is concerned, it delivers truly! It has been designed to work supremely well on all types of surfaces and deal with any stain and dirt patch – no matter how stubborn or resistant it might be. Some customers might feel the machine is a little overpriced, however, it comes with a long-term warranty which is the security of your investment in the product. All in all, this Simpson Brute pressure washer is definitely a good choice and ticks off all important boxes including looks, performance, and durability.