Simpson Cleaning Ps3228-S Gas Pressure Washer Review

simpson 3228 reviewsThis Simpson ps3228 review is reviewed briefly with proper research and honest benchmarks.

Gas power washer reviews are trending high these days. The reason is simple – this household equipment has managed to become very popular in a short of time and therefore, more and more people are considering investing in this product. There are several options that you will have as far as gas powered pressure washers are concerned because there are several top brands that are actively involved in producing these top machines. However, hands down Simpson PS3228-s best pressure washer is definitely a top choice to consider. This pressure washer offers multipurpose use and works supremely well for residential and commercial basis.

Simpson is a much-reputed brand when it comes to gas powered and electric powered pressure washers. The Simpson 3200 PSI pressure washer is an amazing addition to the power pressure models by the brand. In addition to strength and supreme power, this machine offers portability, easy to use functions and boosted auto motor engine for higher functionality as well. The power pressure washer is made of heavy duty high quality material and comes with a gigantic metal support frame that provides support to the pressure washer. Moreover, the pressure washer comes with all mandatory accessories that are required for the machine to work with the product inside the box.

Product Specifications

  • 3200 PSI supreme water pressure
  • 8 gallons of water fluid tank attached to the machine
  • High performing 200cc auto engine by Honda
  • Separate product warranty and parts warranty
  • Comes with up to 2 years of product warranty
  • Comes with up to 3 years of engine warranty
  • High quality reliable metal frame support
  • Low oil gauge for convenient functionality
  • Individual detergent injection setup
  • Safety lock
  • Modest dimension of 32 by 20 by 25 inches
  • Lightweight body

Features and Design

Power pressure washers are very important household equipment that is used by people for varying purposes. The features and design of the Simpson gas powered pressure washer are an indication of why this product is such a popular choice for users.

It looks small, petite and compact. The weight of the machine is not much too. However, this is only contributing to the portability of the product and makes using the product easier. However, you will not see any negative effects of the small size on the functionality of the product. Therefore, do not let it fool you. The functionality is mega and supreme with a powerful high perming engine by Honda. There is a wide length cord hose attached to the machine that comes with different nozzle fittings. This way the users get a chance to adjust the nozzle settings as per the cleaning need. It is definitely a great product for both household cleaning and commercial level use as well. The product is very moderately priced as well and comes with a warranty as well. This gives you the chance to claim for free of cost repairs, product exchanges or product returns.

Whilst there are many benefits that are associated with the use of this product, it is important to remember that no product comes without its fair share of letdowns. The PS3228-s best simpson pressure washer is no different. Read on to find out the possible drawbacks of this machine before you invest in it.

  • It has a supremely powerful engine. The high quality engine promises durability and generates a lot of pressure that makes the engine rank amongst top-class ones of the world. Moreover, the engine comes with multifunctional use and general water pressure as well for the convenience of usage and to facilitate cleaning better.
  • The ultra-power pump comes with a power boost The pump supports different sized nozzles to be fixed on the face of it. This is very helpful to cater to the varying cleaning needs of the people.
  • This mega power pressure washer is very moderately priced. This makes it affordable for all customers. Secondly, this product comes with separate warranties for the engine and the product itself. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the durability of the product. The investment you make in the product is definitely secure with a long-term warranty.
  • The high quality body makes it superior and gives it a long lifetime. Simpson has made sure to use the best materials in order to facilitate the customers for a long time.
  • Though the machine promises high functionality with super pressure valves, it has been noticed that the valves falter in functionality after a few days of constant usage.
  • In the case of warranty claim, it will take easily up to 10 days for a product repair, exchange or return. The customer support could be better than this for a company that is so well-reputed.
  • This gas powered pressure washer can also generate the unpleasant odor of gas after constant

Final Word for Simpson Cleaning Ps3228-S Gas Pressure Washer Review

After going through our Simpson PS3228-s review, the one thing that will become very obvious is that the machine is definitely a worthy and promising one. The washer has a wide array of distinctive features that make this machine supremely potential. If you are looking for a power washer this year, this Simpson cleaning PS3228-s power washer is definitely a top choice. This best pressure washer is capable of doing your cleaning job perfectly fine. Moreover, the high quality durable materials make the machine very long-lasting and increase its overall durability. You get many different sized nozzles with the machine which makes it serve you according to the varying cleaning needs that you might have. Simpson has made it sure that people are comfortable and at complete ease with using its latest model 3200 PSI pressure washer.  There are many similar products that you might find in the markets. However, the one evident thing that will clearly be noticeable about this Simpson product is its reasonable price range. All this definitely makes this power washer a worthy investment.