Simpson Cleaning Mb1223 Pressure Washer Review

SIMPSON MB1223 review

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This simpson cleaning mb1223 review is reviewed briefly with proper research and honest benchmarks.

Are you looking for a high-end, best pressure washer for daily home usage? This review of the Simpson MB 1223 pressure washer makes you decided better whether you should be buying this product or not.

Highlight features of SIMPSON Cleaning MB1223 pressure washer

The Simpson MB1223  pressure washer is a great product to invest in if you are looking to buy a pressure washer anytime soon. This product comes in superior design and strong built. The functionality of this machine is also very promising. A look at the features of this product makes it evident on the users why it is a good choice to make.


The built is clearly noticeable at first sight as this machine is very heavyweight and therefore very huge in its formation as well. The built of this machine clearly makes this product very sturdy and sold in its formation.


The weight of this pressure washer is around 240 pounds. This makes this machine gigantic and very heavyweight. This might also restrict the portability of the product.

Hot and cold water functions

This pressure washer is workable with both cold and hot water pressures. This promises maximum efficiency for this product.


The engine of this pressure washer is a 120VAC electrical motor that only works on diesel. Hence, users might have to face fuel restriction with this machine.

Cord length

The cord length for this pressure washer measures to be around 25 feet. This is average and you can definitely find better lengths out there. However, 25 feet cord works just fine with this machine.

  • It is made of superior quality materials in combination. This gives it a very strong and sturdy built.
  • The high quality formation of this pressure washer makes it very durable and gives it a long lifespan.
  • The heavy duty stainless steel metal frame measures up to be 13 inches in thickness and provides immense added support to his heavy machine.
  • The nozzles of the spray gun are replaceable as per user preference and need. You get 4 different sized nozzles along with the washer.
  • This pressure washer works as effectively with hot water as it does with cold compressed water. Hence it works great on all surface types and in all conditions.
  • It is very large and heavy in weight. This decreases the portability of the product by a huge margin.
  • The large size and heavy weight structure definitely make it much difficult to move the machine around.
  • The design of this machine is very outdated and there is nothing refreshing about its outlook.

Final Word for Simpson Cleaning Mb1223 Pressure Washer Review

The MB1223 Simpson pressure washers or the mini-brute as it is most popularly known as is not exactly very ‘miniature’ in it built. However, with reliable performance and a good construction – this machine has all the right to be a running contender for you to invest in this product. If you are a newbie, you can buy this product with eyes closed. However, if you are looking for a replacement product then you might want to consider other options as well.